What we do...

Own a student® is a sincere, honest and transparent effort for the support of IDP students. We provide for students to apply and then check his/her grant status. The donors can view the track of all their donotation with details of how they were disbursed eventually. The collaborating college/university can view list of their own students with latest grant status. All this online and without having to contact anyone in person.

Step 1:

Applications of IDP students are collected online (click here) for financial assistance to continue education. These applications can be submitted by the applicants themselves or submitted on their behalf by anyone. We ensure (via unique NIC#) that no applicant can submit duplicate applications.

Step 2:

Our working staff validates each application. The applicant or guardian should be a regitered IDP. This is confirmed by interaction with NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority). The applicant should also be a student of any professional college or any master’s level program of some university registered with HEC. The status as a student is validated by collaborating with concerned educational institute. This process will also validate the education expenses mentioned in the application.

The list of confirmed and validated students is displayed to registered donors (click here).

Step 3:

Donor can select some student(s) for assisting in education. Donor will transfer money directly to especially dedicated bank account(s) of the associated educational institute(s). Donor should update the system about funds transfer. Our workers will intereact with some point person from the educational institute to confirm that the pledged funds are actually successfully transferred in full.

Step 4:

The donated money is spent by the educational institute. Our workers record the details of expenditure of each donation, further qualified per student, for audit purposes. These disbursement details are provided by the educational institute appointed point person.

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