Donations, and how they work

Any donor who wishes to join in this noble cause is welcomed. “Own a Student®â€ organization cannot collect any funds on anyone’s behalf. Instead, it simply acts as a bridge between donors (individuals or organizations) and the institutes of the needy students. The donors would be linked up directly with the institutions where these students are enrolled, and the students would be financed directly through their own institutions.

“Own a Student®â€ provides a platform where needy students can enroll for educational assistance. These students would then be verified by the field staff of “Own a Student” organization. Their financial needs would be confirmed with the institution they belong and each of these institutions would be linked up for the effort.

Through this platform, donor would have access to the verified list of students and the funds needed for each student. The relative education college/university contact person and payment procedures are shared. The donor can then own a student(s) by transferring funds directly to concerned educational institute.


  •     A donor needs to register with the website (click here).
•     Our worker will contact you to confirm donor application. Once confirmed you will receive an email to activate your donor account.
•     Once logged into our system, donor would have access to the complete listing of students awaiting help. The credentials of these student are already validated by their respective institutes and government database (NADRA IDP Registration). Donor can access the particular details of any student.
•     A donor can now make pledges for any number of students he/she wishes. These pledges are saved into donor profile to be acted upon (honored) later.
•     Donor can now transfer funds directly to the educational institutes of the students for which pledges are made. Please update us with the donation details, so our workers can confirm the transfer with the educational institution staff.
•     Our workers will confirm the actual transfer of funds and their later disbursement to the each individual student.
•     If donor wishes, he/she can be updated via email as the transfer is confirmed and the actual disbursement details.
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