Pakistan is at war with terrorists, who wish to suppress the society to their own brand of Islam. Their primary target has been modern education. They have targeted schools, especially girls schools. The effects are most felt in the whole of Malakand Division, of which Swat is the central part and had the highest literacy rate among the Pashtuns, compared to those of other settled areas even including Afghanistan. A fundamental element of any anti-terrorism strategy is to spread education as much as possible, at the minimum to help sustain the existing education process.

The very important segment of war victims, are the students enrolled at various universities, professional and graduate colleges. A sizeable number of these students at various levels are unable to continue their studies as the sources of income of their parents have dried up. The Government of NWFP as a relief has waived off the tuition fee for these IDP students. Private educational institutions have also announced various levels of concessions. However, it must be realized that the tuition fee is only a part of the whole educational budget. The students need books, stationery and, equally importantly, their hostel and related expenses. There is a geniune fear that most students will not continue their studies.

These youngsters who were harbingers of social and political change suddenly are becoming prone to a meaningless future and thus a potential recruits for something much dangerous than the mostly illiterate terrorists of today. WE, all should help to avert an impending Human Disaster and contribute to a better, more humane and peaceful Earth, not only Pakistan.

History of Swat

Swat historically named Udhyana, meaning Garden, is one of the world’s most beautiful valleys. At altitudes of 2500 – 7500 ft of Hindukush mountain ranges, it's generally known as paradise on earth or Switzerland of Asia.
Swat came under Alexander the Great in 327 BC, after him the Mauriyans, Buddhists and Hindus ruled successively till 1023AD when Mehmud Ghaznavi entered Swat and introduced Islam. The people of Swat are known for being traditional, having mild and peaceful mannerisms and rich cultural heritage.

History of Conflict

Pakistan, a front line state in the War Against Terror, has been plagued by terrorism. Thousands of civilians, police and other security personnel have been killed in suicide bombings or in combat. Government decided to take military action once the peace agreements failed. the immediate consequence is the displacement of 2.9 million people.
Everyone is trying to help these displaced people. Their main focus has been the provision of immediate relief items(food, cloths, beddings, tents and medicine etc). more