About "Own A Student®"

‘Own a Student® ’ is a response to the continuous process of destruction of Pakistani society by the enemies of the state, both internal and external. There was a need for an urgent response for a record number of displaced persons as a consequence of military action against insurgents in Malakand division. It was realized that our society is being targeted and destroyed in many ways. There are various aspects to this unfolding disaster. Some require more immediate response in humanitarian terms, however, a long term consequences of the displacement is on education. It is feared that the present young generation is in danger of growing up without any education. In this regard, the disruption of education of enrolled students requires most immediate attention. As you are aware, education has been disrupted at all levels; Primary, Secondary, College as well as higher and professional levels. While all levels are equally important, one has to start somewhere.

The government and many NGOs have already started their efforts at school level. A sizeable number of displaced students were pursuing their higher studies, college level and above, at various educational institutions in NWFP as well as in rest of Pakistan. They have suddenly found themselves unable to continue their studies due to drying up of their family’s income or loss of family.

‘Own a Student®â€™ is a brainchild of a group of volunteers who wish to remain anonymous. This endeavor has not been setup as an NGO. The intent is not to collect funds rather to provide an organizational structure and the resources for running this organization. Along with facilitating the donor and the donee ‘Own a Student®â€™ organization would also adopt a sizeable number of students on its own.

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